A new 12-page tabloid supplement titled “Sochi Sports Odyssey 2014” is just what teachers need to drive students to your newspaper, either e-edition, website or print during the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Hot Topics Hot Serials produced this meticulously crafted piece to teach students about the events while clearly meeting the U.S. Olympic Committee standards of avoiding the words and graphics not allowed to be used because of copyright rules.

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Tell teachers in your community to visit www.HSPAfoundation.org/newspaper-education and click on the “Use world events” link.

Geared to fourth grade and up, “Sochi Sports Odyssey 2014” explains the sports and their origins. It beautifully integrates the content areas of language arts, math, social studies, and especially science as we look at the forces behind the sports.

Written by experienced educators, it includes lots of learning activities sure to drive students to your newspaper for more information about the Olympics. As a bonus, each activity includes the Common Core Standards that are mandated for teachers and students.

“Sochi Sports Odyssey 2014” is now available online as a PDF for teachers to download.

Tell teachers in your community to visit HSPAfoundation.org/newspaper-education and click on the “Use world events” link.

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