Statistics Tell a Bright Story

By Pete Van Baalen I’ve always found statistics to be fascinating, which is probably an outgrowth of my love of baseball. Baseball is a sport that is nearly obsessed with stats, from batting...

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WPTA TV Files Appellate Brief

Fort Wayne, IN (June 21, 2017) – WPTA TV has filed an appellate brief with the Court of Appeals of Indiana, seeking removal of a lower court order prohibiting the station from broadcasting a...

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Free Health-Related News Resource

Side Effects public health news service – an initiative of WFYI Public Media – is now offering reporting for republication at no charge to Indiana newspapers through an agreement with the Hoosier...

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Something Wrong in Purdue Acquisition

By Steve Key Have you ever had the feeling something’s not right, but can’t quite put your finger on why? That’s the feeling I have concerning actions of Purdue University taken during the last days...

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