Ad reps, get your holiday bonus bucks here


Hoosier State Press Association is continuing its incentive program to encourage advertising representatives at member newspapers to sell ICAN Plus display ads.

HSPA will pay $25 to salespeople for every 2×2 ICAN Plus ad they sell and $50 for every 2×4 they sell through Dec. 31.  The Holiday Bonus Bucks incentive program benefits advertisers, newspapers, their advertising staffs and HSPA.

Advertisers get exposure to 1.5 million readers with their ad placed in more than 90 participating newspapers.

The cost for the black-and-white ads is only $900 for a 2×2 and $1,800 for a 2×4.

Newspaper employees who sell the ads will receive personal checks directly from Hoosier State Press Association. There is no cost to the newspaper.

The newspaper benefits because it keeps 15 percent of the ad cost.

If the newspaper is one of the 90-plus Indiana papers that run ICAN Plus ads it will also see a greater payout from the portion of revenue HSPA pays back to its ICAN Plus newspapers annually.

HSPA’s ICAN programs, including daily and weekly classified ads in addition to display ads, help fuel the association’s services. ICAN provides about 80 percent of the revenue needed to cover expenses.

“HSPA could not offer the breath of services that support Indiana newspapers without the cooperation of our ICAN newspapers,” said Stephen Key, HSPA executive director and general counsel.

The association doesn’t want newspapers’ advertising customers to diminish their local advertising but to consider ICAN Plus an inexpensive but efficient way to expand their advertising reach, Key said.