ICAN prices change to entice advertisers


HSPA instituted a “Pick Two” price for its ICAN programs to better accommodate potential customers who would like to advertise across two-thirds of Indiana but not the entire state.

The new pricing point will go into effect Jan. 1 for the ICAN, ICAN Daily and ICAN Plus programs.

Each program allows for customers to limit distribution of ads to a particular zone of the state.

The zones match the area code divisions of south, central and northern Indiana.

The southern district includes participating newspapers within the 812 area code. The central zone covers Indiana papers with a 765 or 317 area code. The northern code includes papers with the 219, 574 and 260 area codes.

For ICANs, 24-word classified ads regularly priced at $320 rolls back to $280 in the Pick Two program.

For that price, they can choose two of the three zones to run their classified ad. They also can still purchase just one zone for $245.

The Pick Two price for the ICAN Daily program, classified ads that run in participating daily newspapers Monday through Friday, will be $520.

That compares to $450 for one zone and $590 for the entire state.

With ICAN Plus, advertisers can pick between a two-column-by-2-inch display ad and 2-column-by-4-inch display ad. The Pick Two prices will be $750 for a 2×2 and $1,400 for a 2×4.

The statewide prices for ICAN Plus are $1,800 for a 2×4 and $900 for a 2×2. The one-zone price will remain $550 for a 2×2 and $900 for a 2×4.

“HSPA wants to be as competitive as possible in reaching advertisers who want to utilize our ICAN program,” said Pamela Lego, Midwest Advertising Placements advertising director. “An advertiser can buy one or two zones or the entire state at great rates.”

In addition to her work with MAP, HSPA’s display advertising program, Lego is offering direction to HSPA’s ICAN programs.

“Pam’s involvement and the pricing changes to make our programs more flexible to advertisers are changes that reflect our efforts to better sell the value of our ICAN programs,” said Stephen Key, HSPA executive director and general counsel.

HSPA is encouraging member newspapers to consider the win-win-win proposition of upselling local advertisers into the ICAN program. The advertiser gains greater reach for little money, the newspaper pockets additional revenue with little space consideration, and HSPA benefits from the additional revenue.

“Publishers may not recognize that the ICAN programs, not dues, have become HSPA’s primary funding source,” Key said. “Supporting the ICAN programs helps keep dues from exploding.”

HSPA also has hired a commission-only salesperson to boost public awareness of the ICAN program.