Q&A: Probable cause affidavit


The following question came from the Daily Reporter (Greenfield):

Question: Our newly elected county clerk denied access today to a probable cause affidavit in a criminal matter. The case involves charges of incest and molesting, and the clerk wouldn’t turn the document over because the victim is a juvenile. The suspect is an adult. We’ve never had trouble getting probable cause affidavits in molesting cases before. I thought only a judge could order such records sealed. Are we missing something?

Answer: Under Administrative Rule 9, you should be able to get the probable cause affidavit unless it was sealed by a judge. It isn’t up to the clerk to decide.

Since the victim is a juvenile and it is a sex crime, the court or clerk should make sure that the victim’s name (except for initials), address, phone number and date of birth are redacted from the copy you receive.

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