Apply for Pulliam interns


HSPA Foundation encourages newspapers to apply for a Pulliam intern to work at their paper.

Each year the Foundation’s Eugene S. Pulliam Internship Program places 10 interns at HSPA-member papers and pays each student $3,300 for a 10-week period.

Want an intern?

What: HSPA Foundation’s Eugene S. Pulliam Internship Program, which pays a stipend to 10 interns to work at member newspapers each year

How to apply: Click here and fill out the online form. Paper forms also are available online or through the mailing newsrooms received.

Deadline: 5 p.m. Feb. 25

Information: Karen Braeckel, HSPA Foundation director, or (317) 624-4426

The deadline for newspaper applications is 5 p.m. Feb. 24. For application information, including guidelines for the 2012 program, click here.

The Foundation needs newspapers in a wide variety of locations to host the students selected, said Karen T. Braeckel, HSPA Foundation director.

Both dailies and nondailies are eligible.

The student application deadline is also Feb. 24, and the selection committee picks students before placements are made.

If editors know a candidate and both parties agree an internship at the paper would be beneficial, please provide that information in the appropriate place on the application, Braeckel said.

The program also offers the option to host a student for college credit only if the student is not chosen for a paid internship but approved by the committee.

The Foundation considers the number of times and successive years a newspaper applies, Braeckel said.

A paper’s chances to receive an intern increase each time. (The group also takes into account whether a newspaper recently received an intern through the Pulliam program.)

“Pulliam interns will bring enthusiasm and hard work to your newsroom or other area of the paper,” Braeckel said. “In turn, we ask you to assign a mentor and provide a bona fide educational experience through regular assignments.”

Newspapers should note the internship is not entirely free, she said.

The Foundation asks participating newspapers to add $33 a week to the $330 from the Foundation to cover FICA and Medicare deductions for the student – taxes the students cannot recover. (This means the intern will cost newspapers $330.)

Papers can apply via an online application by clicking here or through the form editors received by mail.

To download another hard copy of the application, click here.

Editors with questions about the program should contact Braeckel at or (317) 624-4426.