Calling all community reporters


Organizers of a book project about investigative community journalists want to hear from you.

Tommy Thomason, a former journalist and director of the Texas Center for Community Journalism at Texas Christian University, has teamed up with a Texas newspaper reporter to produce a book about outstanding investigative reporters at community newspapers throughout the United States.

Thomason wants to interview reporters at papers with circulations under 20,000.

Of prime interest are journalists who have conducted investigative projects at newspapers with limited resources, balancing their projects with regular beats and assignments. 

Thomason is especially interested in recognizing courageous journalists who may have put their personal safety at risk to expose corruption in small towns.

In addition to profiling reporters, the project will focus on techniques they used and try to find lessons that can be applied at community papers throughout the nation.

If you or someone you know fits that description, contact Thomason at and include a short description about the type of investigative project the reporter is known for.