Submit Black Hole Award nominations


The Society of Profes­sional Journalists seeks nominations for the 2012 Black Hole Award, which highlights egregious abuses of the public’s right to know.

By exposing abuses, SPJ’s Freedom of Infor­ma­tion Committee seeks to educate the public about their rights and call attention to those who would interfere with openness and transpar­ency.

Deadline for nomina­tions is Monday, Feb. 21. For Black Hole Award criteria and nomination information, visit

The recipient(s) will be announced during Sun­shine Week, March 11-17.

In 2011, the Black Hole Award went to the Utah legislature and Gov. Gary Herbert for passage of the most regressive freedom of information legislation in recent history.

After the award was “presented,” and a large public backlash ensued, the measure was repealed.