New forms available for Statements of Ownership


New U.S. Postal Service forms required for newspapers that choose to report electronic subscriptions on their Periodicals Class Statement of Ownership are available to download.

Many post offices may still provide old forms.

Click the links below to download your desired forms:

Click here to download ALL of the items.

PS Form 3526 – Modified

PS Form 3526 – General Pubs (paid), August 2012

PS Form 3526R – Requester Pubs, August 2012

PS Form 3526X – Used when claiming electronic subscriptions

Click here to download a column about electronic paid/requester subscriptions on the Statement of Ownership.

Here is more guidance on the forms (due Oct. 1) from Max Heath, National Newspaper Association Postal Committee Chairman:

Paid (General) Periodicals: Use Form 3526 dated August 2012. You can still only count paid/distributed print copies on this form unfortunately.

Requester Periodicals: Use Form 3526-R dated August 2012. Paid copies count toward valid requests, but requests cannot be used toward paid circulation. Only count print copies on this form.

Note: The electronic copies are not to be included in the total on any of the “Total” lines (15c, 15e, 15f and 15h) on Form 3526 or 3526-R.

If you choose to report electronic subscriptions for which you are paid at least 30 percent of the basic price per term, remember these points:

• Paid (General) Periodicals check box at Line 16 on Page 2 of Form 3526.

• Requester publications use Form 3526-R, same line checking the box at Line 16.

• If reported and box checked, complete the work­sheet on PS Form 3526-X, also available at

List total paid or requested e-subscriptions as asked for on Line a.

Note the top section is for paid, the second for requester. Use only the appropriate one for your paper. There is no summing required.

Simply put the numbers on the lines as indicated. The electronic copies are not to be included in the total on any of the “Total” lines (15c, 15e, 15f and 15h) on PS Form 3526 or 3526-R.

• Submit the 3526-X with the hard-copy Form 3526 or Form 3526-R. Publish it as an addendum right below the regular form. But complete and publish only the portion applicable to your newspaper, Paid or Requester.

Completed PS Form 3526-X may be printed to appear as part of PS Form 3526 or 3526-R by printing the 3526-X between Line 16 and Line 17, or they may print separately any place on the same page.

• Electronic submission via PostalOne! is not possible this year due to internal USPS programming deadlines, so all submissions must be hard-copy 3526 or 2526-R, plus X for electronic subs.

• Reporting of electronic subscriptions is optional. And if you fall below 60 percent paid average percentage on the 3526 or 3526-X, an outside audit is required. USPS will not audit electronic subscriptions.

• You may count paid website access subscriptions as well. But note that total website access given to print subscribers cannot be counted twice.

New forms are expected to be available for Oct. 1, 2013, which will make the use of the X form unnecessary.