Use free sales training by Dec. 31


Through the end of 2012, HSPA member papers have continued free access to Media $ales Basics, the self-paced online advertising sales training program.

The lessons target beginning sales reps and experienced salespeople from other fields.

The free training for members focuses on three fundamentals: advertising, prospecting and consulta­tive media sales.

A panel of Indiana ad directors selected this online training program above others available.

To use the train­ing, go to and use the corporate log-in information HSPA members received by email.

To request a resend of the information, contact Shawn Goldsby at (317) 803-4772.

Papers then set up their individual logins and no longer will use the generic code.

After successfully entering the corporate login each user will be asked to set up an individual account with name, email and company.

Each newspaper can name one administrator who can view all activity for the paper.

For questions regarding the training itself, please contact Dave Blakeslee, trainer, at 614-794-0500 Ext. 110.

For general questions about the partnership and use of the training program, contact Karen Braeckel, HSPA Foundation director, at (317) 624-4426.