HSPA arrangement provides more services for members


HSPA has signed contracts with the Wisconsin Newspaper Association and Tecnavia Press Inc. to create a content management system for Indiana newspapers.

The program will allow HSPA to create a more robust state public notice advertising website, initiate a statewide clipping service and give newspapers the opportunity to begin building a word-searchable archive of their editions.

“The program serves multiple needs for Indiana newspapers and the association,” said Executive Director and General Counsel Steve Key.

The public notices website will help counter arguments by those who would eliminate the publication of those advertisements.

The archiving of newspapers offers HSPA members a service they might not be able to afford on their own.

And the clipping service will help diversify revenue sources for the association. The entire program also may lead to additional ways members can monetize and protect their content.

“I am mostly excited about the statewide public notice website with the WNA partnership for our members,” said Tina West, publisher of The Courier-Times (New Castle) and chairwoman of the HSPA Content Management Committee, which recommended the partnership with Tecnavia and the Wisconsin Newspaper Association.

“Tecnavia’s reputation and the fact that they have been around since 1975 gave me a good feeling about working with them, and several HSPA board members had firsthand experiences with Tecnavia,” West said. “This is a giant step for HSPA and its membership.”

Once Tecnavia lays the groundwork for the project, HSPA will ask member newspapers to upload pdf’s of their editions so Tecnavia can use software to render the pages word-searchable.

Indiana newspapers also will be asked to include a code with public notice advertisements so that they can be easily scraped for the statewide public notice advertising site.

While Tecnavia supplies the technical know-how and support, the Wisconsin Newspaper Association will handle administrative tasks for the content management program.