Q&A: Rely on scanner for immediate police information


From the Carroll County Comet (Delphi):

Q: Emergency personnel get “toned out” when there is a call for their services. Yesterday, the local fire department and the ambulance service were called to a house fire. I contacted the 911 dispatcher and asked what they were called out for, and the dispatcher said he had nothing for me.

I know law enforcement is required to give me the location or the reason for an emergency response but want HSPA’s opinion before I speak with the 911 coordinator to discuss how we can work together about this. What can I do?

A: What you want is immediate information when emergency personnel or police are dispatched. I’d have to say a scanner is your best bet.

The records that must be made available are created after the event, so if the dispatchers won’t answer your questions – and there’s nothing to require them to do so – you need to hear what’s going out over the radio.

Otherwise, you’ll have to catch up on the story when the records are available for inspection and copying.

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