HSPA, allies monitor ag gag


HSPA joined other groups concerned about a resurrection of ag-gag legislation in the 2014 Indiana General Assembly at a recent meeting.

State government’s Interim Study Committee on Economic Development will address topics this summer that include “trespassing for the purpose of harming a business and making video images of a business with the intent to falsely portray the operations of a business.”

HSPA condones neither trespass nor libel, but ag-gag legislation that survived until the final night of the 2013 legislature infringed on the First Amendment and introduced criminal defamation into the state.

Agribusiness advocates want to eliminate web posting of videos that question the treatment of animals or safety of the food supply.

Ag-gag opponents include labor organizations, media (broadcast and print), environmental groups, and animal rights organizations. Citizens Action Coalition in Indianapolis hosted the meeting of these concerned parties.

Organizations present at the summer meeting plan to testify before the interim committee when it addresses the topic and educate the public on the issue.