Press release service benefits press association, members


Designated editors with Indiana newspapers can expect to see emails containing press releases from GistCloud Indiana.

The service is the product of an affiliation between the Hoosier State Press Association and GistCloud of Redwood City, Calif.

The media-friendly press release service is a new revenue source for HSPA to help cover the operational costs of serving member newspapers.

Releases editors receive contain a paragraph introducing the subject matter of the release so they can quickly determine the gist of the email. By clicking to the release, the editor can see the full text and have access to logos, photos or video packages.

The idea is to make the information as easy as possible for editors to use if they see local news value in the release and want to create a story or brief from the email.

“The electronic releases have all the components an editor might need for a story or online package,” said Steve Key, executive director and general counsel of HSPA. “It’s very efficient.”

Key said newspapers are under no obligation to use releases from GistCloud Indiana.

“The releases must stand on their own as to news value, but we hope editors will at least take the time to click on release links to make sure they aren’t missing a local angle that makes the release worthy of inclusion in the newspaper or as an item on the paper’s website,” Key said.

Editors can control who at the newspaper should receive the GistCloud Indiana emails. To establish a different or additional email address for receiving releases, send an email to Shawn Goldsby at with the appropriate names and email addresses.

GistCloud is a step above the average release service because it not only incorporates the text of a release but also distributes the release through social media along with press and broadcast producers.

It allows clients to choose to include photos, video, or even a broadcast link.

“Editors have the flexibility to use as little or as much of the content and can tailor the content to fit print, web or mobile formats,” Key said.

Newspapers also have the option of giving readers the ability to search GistCloud releases sorted by categories such as business, education and health through a link that can be placed on the newspaper’s website:

“For decades, newspapers have been the recipient of news releases as corporations, nonprofits, and other groups attempt to disseminate their messages,” Key said. “But for the first time because of GistCloud, the industry through its press associations will actually share revenue from the billion-dollar press release industry.”