Q&A: Emergency meeting?


From the Pulaski County Journal (Winamac):

Q: The Pulaski County commissioners plan to hold an “emergency” meeting to discuss the implications of 27 pay periods in 2014. Is this topic eligible for an emergency meeting since it doesn’t involve potential harm to anyone?

A: The discovery that the county will have to cover the cost of 27 pay periods instead of 26 doesn’t rise to the level of an emergency meeting, which would relieve the commissioners from giving 48 hours notice of the meeting. The legislature specifically said emergency meetings must concern actual or threatened injury to person or property or actual or threatened disruption of the government’s operations. See IC 5-14.15-5(d).

The timing of paychecks isn’t an emergency, even if it might force the county to need an additional appropriation before the end of the year.

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