Public notice rate for 2015


The state Board of Accounts has released the charts outlining maximum line rates allowed for public notice advertising in 2015.

The charts reflect an increase of 2.75 percent from the 2014 rates.

Click here to download the 2015 rate chart.

The yearly 2.75 percent increase was part of legislation that the Hoosier State Press Association worked to get approved by the Indiana legislature in 2009.

The increase every year is automatic unless the state legislature passes a bill altering this policy.

Prior to the comprehensive public notice advertising bill that established the guaranteed increase, rate changes required legislative action. Since 1927, the legislature had passed rate increase bills fewer than 10 times.

If a newspaper’s column width for public notice advertising isn’t included in the charts, Steve Key, HSPA executive director and general counsel, can help with determining the new line rate.

Contact Key with questions about the charts at or (317) 624-4427.