Does your sales staff know about spiff from HSPA ad sales?


Kelly Nelson of the Parke County Sentinel recently earned $46 from HSPA for up-selling just one ad into the association’s statewide advertising program.

Sales reps get a 5 percent spiff from HSPA for each classified or small-space display ad they up-sell. Member newspapers keep 45 percent of the up-sell price.

That’s revenue in addition to what the news­paper already made for the original sale of the ad in their paper.

HSPA’s advertising net­work runs classifieds and 2×2 and 2×4 ads in member newspapers.

The ads can run statewide or in one or two regions of the state.

The association’s ad revenue makes up 80 percent of its budget, funding legislative lobbying and legal assis­tance for newspapers, access law training and more.

Up-selling just one ad a month brings significant additional revenue each year for member newspapers.

A newspaper’s 45 percent cut means it keeps $153 for every weekly classified it up-sells, $272 for every daily classified, $416 for every 2×2, and $832 for every 2×4.

To reward sales staffs for encour­aging clients to advertise in HSPA’s statewide network, the association gives them 5 percent of the up-sell price.

That 5 percent cut earns sales reps $17 for every (statewide) weekly classified ad they up-sell, $30.25 for every daily classified, $46.25 for every 2×2, and $92.50 for every 2×4.

Sales reps can call HSPA Advertising Coordinator Shawn Goldsby at (317) 803-4772, and she will walk them through every step of the sale.

Information also is available at

Press associations rely on advertising to stay operational just like member newspapers do, said Steve Key, HSPA executive director and general counsel.

“We want our newspapers to get more benefits from their membership in HSPA,” Key said. “Additional revenue sharing does that, plus it encourages salespeople to pitch HSPA’s ad network to clients who might benefit from wider exposure.”