Update: Send tear sheets of alcohol hearing ads distributed by MAP


HSPA’s advertising arm, Midwest Advertising Placements, will distribute the public notice advertising placed by the state’s Alcohol and Tobacco Commission beginning this month.

Newspapers’ advertising and billing personnel should treat these orders like they would other advertising placed by MAP.

The placement order will come from MAP, and your invoice and tear sheet should be returned to MAP, not the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.

These placements will be public notice advertising, so the maximum rate newspapers can charge is set by the Indiana legislature.

MAP will not be requesting a 5 percent advertising holdback as it does for advertising placed by other clients. Newspapers will receive the same revenue they usually receive from these placements.

MAP will invoice the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission twice a month for ads that it can verify have run through tear sheet collection, so the sooner MAP receives proof of publication, the sooner newspapers will receive payment.

Why has MAP taken on this duty?

The Alcohol and Tobacco Commission promoted legislation during the 2015 Indiana General Assembly seeking to eliminate the publication requirement of the hearing notices of each

county’s alcohol beverage board.

Alcohol and Tobacco Commission representatives testified, along with an alcohol-industry lobbyist, about the difficulty in placing the notices in a timely fashion, which delayed the ability of those seeking permit approval to open restaurants, bars, etc.

HSPA was able to convince key legislators that the publication should continue to guarantee Hoosiers’ ability to get notice of permit applications in their communities and worked to change language to shorten the time period for the permit approval process.

If HSPA successfully removes the burden of placing these notices for the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, the state agency will be less likely to move to eliminate the publication requirement in the future.

HSPA applauds the efforts of newspaper staffs to make this a seamless transition for the commission.

For more information, contact HSPA Executive Director and General Counsel Steve Key at (317) 624-4427.