NAA survey focuses on political advertising


A Newspaper Association of America survey reveals that newspapers are strong at reaching both liberal and conservative voters.

NAA commissioned a survey to better understand the role of local newspapers and their websites in the political process. The survey uncovers how consumers use their local community’s media resources for political information and voting decisions, according to a release from the NAA.

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The survey also explores whether local newspapers have a strong impact on “opinion leaders” – those who influence their family and friends – and the degree of sway such people have with their social networks.

Finally, the study measured how various types of media compare with respect to consumer trust, depth of coverage and influence.

The summary of findings includes:

• Newspapers provide powerful reach of registered voters.

• Newspaper reach is augmented significantly by their websites and apps.

• Newspaper political advertising is an efficient advertising buy, with its strongest reach concentrated among those most likely to vote.

Newspapers are particularly strong at reaching:

• Opinion leaders – those who influence family and friends

• Voters who are especially interested in news and events of their local community.

• Liberal and conservative voters.

• Those who make up their minds three or more weeks before the election.

Newspapers exceed or meet the strength of other forms of advertising on nearly every measure.