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Advantage Newspaper Consultants (ANC) was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Fayetteville, NC. We work with both independent publishers and major newspaper chains to increase advertising revenue using innovative advertising campaigns and creative, seasoned sales professionals that produce quantifiable results.  We have grown steadily for two decades by diversifying our marketing efforts to serve a wide variety of newspaper clients in print and online.

As a complete consulting service for newspapers, Advantage Newspaper Consultants also partners with other industry leaders who provide TV listings, magazine editorial content, e-newsletters and commercial printing services.  We continue to develop innovative ways to find new advertisers, retain existing advertisers and increase overall revenue for our newspaper clients.

Advantage Newspaper Consultants is led by a management team that has over 150 years of newspaper industry experience and has a solid understanding of the methods used to bring revenue into newspapers as the marketplace and technology changes.

Our experienced sales staff are passionate about working with newspapers and believe strongly that the community newspaper holds a special place in the history and future of neighborhoods across the country.  They are experts at identifying prime prospects for advertising in the market, matching those advertisers with a newspaper marketing program that will best benefit their goals and motivating newspaper sales teams to succeed!

Advantage Newspaper Consultants is also blessed with a friendly, professional office staff that strives to provide the highest possible level of service in all areas. We are confident that our solid business practices and creative ideas can help improve the way your newspaper does business.

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