Newspaper in Education

So You Think You Know Indiana?

Celebrating 200 years of the Hoosier state

By Nelson Price

This project first appeared in Indiana newspapers as a 15-part series targeting fourth graders, but entertaining readers of all ages.

Thanks to grants from four organizations, now copies of a hardcover, color book will appear in libraries across the state as part of a legacy project endorsed by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission.

The Indiana Newspaper in Education Advisory Board and NIE Foundation started the project in 2014. The Indiana Library Federation, the Hoosier State Press Association Foundation and the Indiana State Reading Association provided additional financial support to donate the books to each elementary school library in the state.

Teachers who would like to share the content with students may use the PDF of the book by clicking here.

However no part of the book may be reproduced for other purposes without the express written consent of the publisher.

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Newspapers = Informational Text In Reading Core Standards

The newspaper is a perfect classroom tool for teaching reading core standards. It’s the only textbook that’s updated daily.

Our newspapers serve as the watchdog of government in a democratic society. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of the press and free speech, among other rights.

Teachers play a major role in explaining to students the role of a free press in a democracy. We may not like everything we hear or read, but as Americans we treasure the right to express our opinions.

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