HSPA Information Network

Newspaper participation agreement


(Name of Newspaper)

hereby grants HSPA Information Network, a venture of Hoosier State Press Association, Inc., permission to post stories from the newspaper’s Web site to the HSPA Information Network Web site.

As a participating member of the HSPA Information Network, the newspaper will be able to download stories from other participating newspapers. To establish the content sharing process, the newspaper agrees to facilitate HSPA Information Network’s ability to download stories from the newspaper’s Web site (for example, providing a password so that the network can access the stories).

This limited use of the newspaper’s stories by other newspapers does not alter the newspaper’s copyright interest in the stories posted on the HSPA Information Network Web site or reduce any of the newspaper’s rights of action to defend its copyright interests.

HSPA Information Network will not develop any derivative works based on its posting of this newspaper’s stories under this agreement. Participating HSPA member newspapers will limit their use of this newspaper’s stories to print publications. The newspaper will limit its use of other participating newspapers’ stories to its print publications.

HSPA Information Network will password-protect its Web site so that only participating newspapers and other participating entities will have access to the Web site.

The attached Operational Policy governs specific details of the HSPA Information Network procedures for participating newspapers and HSPA and is a part of this agreement.

This agreement shall remain in effect until and unless revoked by the newspaper or the HSPA Information Network with 30-days written notice to the other party. Hoosier State Press Association, Inc. is located at 41 E. Washington St., #301, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204.

The newspaper understands that following the pilot project period in 2010, HSPA may assess a participation fee to fund the ongoing operation of the HSPA Information Network that will be paid by the newspaper to continue as a member of the network.

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Please attach contact information for technical support in case HSPA Information Network has a problem with copying stories from your Web site.

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