Indiana Publisher Advertising Rates

Sizes and Rates

Ads are modular in The Indiana Publisher. Please note that sizes are in inches, not columns by inches.

Full page (10 [w] x 16 [h]): $450

Half page (10 [w] x 8 [h]: $300

Quarter page: (6 [w] x 8 [h]): $180

Eighth page (6 [w] x 4 [h]): $100

Business card (4 [w] x 2 [h]): $50

Repeat Discounts

Ads scheduled to run for three consecutive publication dates are discounted 15 percent on the second ad and 25 percent on the third. The offer does not include business card-size ads.


Spot color is available for $70 on the back page only.


Ads in pdf, eps or jpg formats should be emailed to


The Indiana Publisher is a trade publication from Hoosier State Press Association distributed on the second Thursday of each month. Space reservations must be made by the Friday before each issue. Electronic ads must be received by the Monday prior to publication.


650-plus issues of The Indiana Publisher are mailed to more than 160 newspaper properties every other week.

To place your ad in The Indiana Publisher, contact HSPA at (317) 803-4772 or


Click here to download a flier with the ad rate information listed above.