Newspaper Marketing Campaign

Campaign Overview

NEWSPAPERS STILL DELIVER is a 15-month campaign to remind current readers and advertisers and to call to the attention of non-readers and non-advertisers the value and strengths of Indiana newspapers.

Phase I of the campaign kicks off the week of Oct. 4-10 and runs through Thanksgiving Week – Nov. 22-28.  This kickoff phase is more intense in terms of materials than subsequent phases.

Naturally, participation is optional but we hope all HSPA members will see the value in participating at some level from running the HSPA generated material to supplementing that material will localized versions of our ads.  We want to do this together as an industry.

In addition to the folder you are currently in, the Newspaper Marketing Campaign folder contains nine other folders:

A folder marked “Communications Plan” – This is the master document giving more detailed background and rationale for the campaign.  While it is not necessary you read this document before implementing the campaign, we strongly suggest you review it – we think you will find it interesting and important information about the campaign.

Eight folders by weeks – Week One (Oct 4-10) through Week Eight (Nov. 22-28) –  Each of the folders contains a list of materials and the materials themselves that we are suggesting you publish during that particular week.

The campaign is a work in progress.  So far we have the materials completed for Weeks 1-3.  You will be advised as materials are loaded for succeeding weeks.

Here is an inventory of what else you will find in this “Read This First” folder plus what’s in the folders marked Week One, Week Two and Week Three.

“Read This First” folder  –Right-click or Ctl-click (Mac) to download zip file 1.38 megs

  • Implementation manual
  • Overview
  • Press release
  • Radio spot
  • Web blurb
  • Advisory letter

Week 1 (Oct. 4-10) –Right-click or Ctl-click (Mac) to download zip file 6.23 megs

What’s in folder:

  • Black and White logo for National Newspaper Week
  • Color logo for National Newspaper Week
  • Full Page Ad (opening campaign)
  • Tab Page Ad (opening campaign)
  • Editorial Cartoon 1 – Statute of Liberty as carrier – (Still need jpg transferred)
  • Column by HSPA Executive Director David Stamps
  • Headshot of David Stamps
  • Editorial 1 – Newspapers alive …

Week 2 (Oct. 11-17)

What’s in folder:

  • Factoid ad – Everyday 2.8 million Hoosiers
  • Testimonial ad – Gov. Mitch Daniels
  • Testimonial ad – Dick Wolfsie
  • Testimonial ad – Shawn Hart
  • Editorial 2 – … democracy’s watchdog
  • Column by HSPA General Counsel Stephen Key
  • Headshot of Stephen Key
  • Editorial Cartoon 2 – doesn’t need batteries – (Still need jpg transferred)

Week 3 (Oct. 18-24)

What’s in folder:

  • Editorial 3 – Numbers add up …
  • Factoid ad – 4 out of 5
  • Testimonial ad – Sen. Richard Lugar
  • Testimonial ad – Dr. Bobby Fong
  • Testimonial ad – Bob Getts
  • Editorial Cartoon 3 – Clicking on freedom – (Still need jpg transferred)

Week 4 (10/25 – 10/31) –Right-click or Ctl-click (Mac) to download zip file 49 megs