NFL trademarks

The NFL protects its multiple trademarks tied to its teams and the Super Bowl. The league will monitor advertising and seek compensation when it believes its trademarks have been infringed.

So while you can use phrases such as “Super Bowl” and “Indianapolis Colts” in your news content to discuss games, any advertising should avoid using the following:

  • Super Bowl
  • NFL
  • Super Sunday
  • Names of team mascots, such as “Indianapolis Colts”
  • AFC or NFC
  • NFL shield logo
  • Super Bowl logo
  • Team logos, helmets, etc.

You also can’t make tickets to the game a promotional prize without NFL authorization or through an arrangement with an official sponsor that has permission from the NFL.

You can refer to:

  • Sunday’s game
  • The professional football championship game
  • The date of the game
  • Cities but not team mascots, such as Indianapolis vs. New Orleans
  • Go, Blue and White
  • Go, Horse
  • Go, Blue

Or you can make fun of the fact you cannot print the words “Super Bowl” by blacking it out of the ad.