Q&A: School records in bullying case

From Fox 59: Q: We are investigating bullying on a school bus.  What rights to expulsion records or disciplinary records or reviews of coaches do we have a right to? We've asked for access to a tort civil suit.

Q&A: Reporters can be at polling places

From the Carroll County Comet: Q: Are the media not allowed in polling places? I just got booted out of one by an inspector in Carroll County. There were no voters there. Only the poll workers who I wanted to talk to about any events of…

Q&A: Access to the daily log

From The Indianapolis Star: Q: Aren't individual police agencies required to keep a daily log? We shouldn't have to go through a county dispatch to get information, should we?

Q&A: Are town marshals public officials?

From The Banner (Knightstown): Q: A town is preparing to interview applicants for a vacant town marshal position. A question has arisen as to the proper protocol for interviewing applicants based on whether the town marshal is considered a…