Distinguished Service Award

The HSPA board of directors presents its Distinguished Service Award to an individual who has contributed in one or more of the following ways:

• Made a significant impact on the newspaper industry in Indiana through service to HSPA in one or more of the following areas: committee work, board membership, lobbying efforts or legal action.

• Performed outstanding service to the newspaper industry in general.

• Demonstrated service in the local community that reflected positively on its newspaper.

Nominees must be:

• A present or former employee of an HSPA-member newspaper or affiliated with journalism through a university, college or newspaper association.

• An exemplary professional who brings credit to the newspaper industry. Length of service is a major qualifying criterion but not exclusively so.

Nomination guidelines:

• Nominations may come from HSPA-member newspaper publishers, editors or other employees.

• Nominators should send the nominee’s name and contact information along with a letter explaining why the nominee should receive a Distinguished Service Award, to Steve Key, HSPA executive director and general counsel, at skey@hspa.com. Include any supporting documentation or evidence supporting the nomination.

• Nominations are considered by the board of directors, and awards are presented during the HSPA Annual Conference.

Distinguished Service Award recipients

1996: Charles Biggs

1997: Ned Bradley and John Nixon

1998: Robert Hartmann and Scott Schurz

1999: John C. DePrez, Jr.

2000: Craig Klugman

2001: Larry Lough

2002: Todd Schurz

2003: Linda Chandler

2004: Jack Humphrey

2005: Max Heath

2006: James W. Brown

2007: Barbara King and Dennis L. Huber

2008: William Nangle and Bob Zaltsberg

2009: Julie Inskeep

2010: Russell Pulliam

2011: Max Jones

2012: Henry Bird

2013: Patrick Lanman

2014: No award (Conference postponed due to snow storm.)

2015: Michael Fender

2016: Jack Pate

2017: Scarlett Syse