InfoNet Operational Policy

This policy shall govern the operation of the News Content Sharing Program that is a part of the HSPA Information Network.

“Content” sharing. The participating newspapers will share content with each other via a password-protected Web Site.  The HSPA Information Network editor will monitor participating newspapers’ Web sites and select stories or art as part of a daily budget that will be made available to all participating newspapers.

Facilitation. Newspapers agree to facilitate the HSPA Information Network editor’s ability to select stories from the newspapers’ Web sites, including providing passwords to restricted sites. Each newspaper’s password should be protected from dissemination to individuals not involved with the HSPA Information Network services.

Daily budgets. The HSPA Information Network will prepare a regular list of available content, which will posted on the Network Web site.

Photographs. If a story contains a photograph, a low-resolution image will be included with a brief description of that story, along with a photo caption.  The site will provide a means for each newspaper wanting to use that photo to contact the originating newspaper to obtain a high resolution image suitable for publication.

Licenses granted. Each participating newspaper grants permission to the other participating newspapers to publish any news content contained in the daily budget in their print version of the newspaper and in any “replica” or “whole image” reproduction of the print newspaper publication, such as microfilm, PDF, or other representation of the print newspaper publication as it appeared in print.  This limited license doesn’t serve to overrule a newspaper’s ability to use information from another newspaper in such manner as would be permitted by law in the absence of this policy (for example, as source material, fair use, etc.).

Credits and bylines. Participating newspapers agree to credit the originating newspaper when using content from the Web site.  Participating newspapers agree that each newspaper is permitted to shorten content as necessary and agree that credit to the originating newspaper will be printed. Bylines are at the option of the newspaper publishing the content.

Publisher Liability. Each newspaper accepts the same liability for publishing content distributed through the HSPA Information Network as it would for content it creates. HSPA Information Network is not a publisher of content, but a distributor.

Corrections, clarifications, & retractions. If the originating newspaper decides to publish any statement or article to correct, clarify, apologize for, or retract any portion of any content selected for a daily budget, it should notify and proffer such correction to participating newspapers through the HSPA Information Network for their publication.

Embargoes. If a participating newspaper wishes to embargo a particular story, the newspaper is to email the HSPA Information Network editor providing a copy of the story to be embargoed and the names of publications subject to the embargo.  Email is to be sent as close as possible to the posting of the story on the newspaper’s Web site.  Stories carrying an embargo will be so indicated on the HSPA Information Network along with a list of papers subject to the embargo.

Failure to observe an embargo may lead to a newspaper being suspended or dropped from the network.

Terminating participation in HSPA Information Network. Any newspaper can terminate participation in the HSPA Information Network by providing 30 days written notice to the Hoosier State Press Association.  The Hoosier State Press Association also can terminate a newspaper’s participation with 30 days notice to the newspaper.

Waiver of warranties and responsibilities for maintaining the Site. The HSPA Information Network disclaims any and all warranties and responsibilities with respect to the manner in which the Site functions, viruses, security, continued maintenance, and any and all other matters.  Each participating newspaper expressly waives any and all claims against the HSPA Information Network arising in any way out of or relating to the Web site.

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