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Click here to download the instructions listed below. Directions to Create Scrapbook on Better Newspaper Contest Website A feature called Scrapbooks on the BetterBNC website allows contestants to save their work throughout the year in a free, cloud-based storage folder. When contest time rolls around, the mad scramble to decide which stories to submit – and the hunt to actually find them – become extinct. Scrapbooks include storage of documents and web links. Newspaper staffers may open their own accounts at www.BetterBNC.comthrough the Open Call Login at any time. The account includes 10 folders and holds up to 500mb of attachments and/or URLs. The contest manager may prefer to control the scrapbooks for ease of submitting the material at entry time. Or a paper may opt to allow anyone to open a file to save top work. Allowable file types include PDF, txt, doc, jpg, gif and png. When ready to enter, the “Browse My Scrapbooks” button allows you to access your account and retrieve your material for any contest using the BetterBNC platform. (Yes, we said free!) DIRECTIONS To create your account: 1. Go to www.betterbnc.com. 2. Click Open Call Login. 3. Click Create Your Open Call Account next to the Login button. 4. Complete Step 1. 5. Validate the account through the link sent to your email. 6. Fill in Step 2. (Ignore the instructions that come up after Step 2: “Please visit my contest page to request to make entries in a contest.” This information applies to freelancers who may enter some competitions. We do not allow stringers to enter independently.) To manage scrapbooks and file material: 1. When ready to save work, login to www.betterbnc.com through the Open Call Login link. 2. Enter your email address and scrapbook password, then click Login. 3. Click Open Contestants (red text in the menu bar) and select My Scrapbooks in the drop-down box. 4. Click Manage Scrapbooks (upper right). 5. Name up to 10 different scrapbooks and click Submit. 6. Click Save An Entry to Your Scrapbooks (on the right side under Manage Scrapbooks). 7. Select a scrapbook, enter a headline or title and attach material (attachments and URLs) by clicking Browse or typing in the URL. (You may attach up to five files and five URLS in each scrapbook entry.) 8. After adding all components of an entry, click Submit. 9. Repeat as many items as you want to save items – any day, any time. To retrieve entries from scrapbooks to submit during contest period: 1. At contest time, follow the usual procedure to submit entries. To select saved material in your scrapbooks, use Browse My Scrapbook instead of the plain Browse for files. * 2. Login with your scrapbook email and password. 3. Select your entry from the dropdown list. * (If more than one person at the newspaper saved stories, photos or ads, the contest manager may either authorize others on the website to add their own content or ask them to retrieve and forward the files to him/her.)