Q&A: Private service and Open Door Law


From the The Mail-Journal (Milford):

Q: Would a private ambulance service that receives funds from town and township councils/boards for service fall under the Open Door Law? To my knowledge this service’s meetings are not publicized.

Here’s something from its website: “MTEMS is a not-for-profit 501-c3 corporation. Operating funds are obtained by tax subsidy and revenue generated by ambulance calls …” 

A: Receiving a fee to provide EMS services for a government agency would not put the private entity under the umbrella of the state’s access laws.

I did note though that the entity says its operating funds are obtained by “tax subsidy and revenue generated by ambulance calls.”

The reference to a tax subsidy may be a poor description of the contracted fees and possibly inaccurate, but if the entity does receive subsidies from government units (as opposed to a fee-for-service arrangement), it may fall under the audit of the state board of accounts, which would make it a public agency under the state’s Open Door Law and Access to Public Records Act.

Check with taxing units to see if their arrangements are contracted fee-for-service terms. Also check with the board of accounts to see if the ambulance service is an entity the board audits.

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