Q&A: Liquor license


From The Herald (Jasper):

Q: We have a retail client wishing to promote a sales event. They do not have a liquor license. Are they at odds with state law if they promote “Stop by for complimentary wine and cheese?” 

A: According to the Excise Police District that includes Dubois County, your client will need a temporary beer/wine permit. The party in question can access the form on the website of the excise police.

He or she would fill out the information, get it signed by the police chief or sheriff depending on whether the event is in the city limits or outside, provide a floor plan for the event showing placement of the bar, and submit it to the state excise police.

Upon approval the client will get a certificate to post behind the bar.

I was told the process takes two to three weeks once the information is submitted to the state.

I recommend giving your client a heads-up to make sure he or she is complying with the law before moving forward with the wine and cheese offer.

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