Q&A: Cost for public records


From the South Bend Tribune:

Q: I have two questions about court records:

What are the amounts governmental units may charge for copies of records? I know it’s different for different types of units.

How far does the statute’s requirement to allow the public to inspect and copy records go? A reporter was pulling records of a court case and realized there was so much there as to make taking written notes cumbersome.

When she took smartphone photos of the records in question, a court clerk called for security, who told her she must delete the photos while security and the clerk watched.

A: For court records, the allowable fee is $1. It’s 10 cents for black and white copies and 25 cents for color copies for most entities.

Under current law, the government agency controls how a copy of a document is created. They can use their equipment or allow you to use your equipment. They can also determine the format of a copy.

So even though the record is an Excel spreadsheet that could easily be emailed to you, for example, they can determine that you’ll receive a hard copy that you’ll have to pick up at their office.

HSPA will work to change this aspect of the law in 2014 session.

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