Change benefits requester papers


Requester newspapers may now document proof of their readers’ requests by email or fax, according to a revised customer support ruling (PS-054) from the U.S. Postal Service.

The service’s mailing standards office released revised standards for requester verification, specifically permitting email requests, as long as the requests include: 

• A request date;

• The title of the publication;

• An expressed desire to receive copies of future issues of the publication;

• The complete name and address of the requester.

Newspaper circulation departments may solicit the requests as long as they don’t provide a premium or monetary incentive.

The documentation of the reader’s willingness to receive the requester paper should be printed and kept on file.

Secondly, the revised standard for the first time specifically approved faxed signed and dated requests.

Requester newspapers are periodicals that must document that 50 percent or more of their recipients have made a positive, documented request to receive the paper. Requests are valid for three years.

The publications must adhere to stricter standards for advertising percentage and page count but are otherwise treated the same as paid-circulation newspapers.

In 2006, the law required U.S. Postal Service to extend within-county postal privileges and prices to them.