Truth branches out to marketing


The Truth Publishing Co. has launched a sister marketing company.

Strawberry Fields Mar­keting Agency is a new entity that will help local businesses navigate the growing options for mar­keting their goods and services, said Kelly Bol­yard, vice president of business development.

Branching into digital marketing is essential to The Truth, said Brandon Erlacher, publisher of the Elkhart newspaper.

“To maintain our res­ponsibilities to the Elk­hart County community, we have to find new revenue streams,” he said.

Marketing services have been tried before within The Truth, but estab­lishing a separate organ­ization will make the difference between it and earlier attempts, Erlacher said.

“It isn’t just a name in our current organization,” he said. “It isn’t news­paper people trying to do new digital stuff.”

Strawberry Fields will provide marketing ser­vices such as search-engine optimization, website design and more.