Q&A: Public notice in color


Submitted by The Hamilton News:

Q: I have a question on a public notice ad. I have it set up to run in an 8-point font, three column format, and I turned the tables into jpegs so I could slide those in the appropriate spots.

However, this notice needs to run in color, which costs me an extra $100 to print. It’s also loaded with tables. So how would I bill for this? I know I can upcharge 50 percent for the tables, but does the 50 percent apply only to the table portions of the document? 

A: You can apply the 50 percent upcharge to the entire public notice advertisement, not just the tables.

As to color, when the statute was written decades ago color wasn’t even an option, so it’s not addressed in the statute.

I suggest you explain to the client that color requires an extra charge that they can either agree to or choose to publish it all in black. If they agree, add a line in your invoice that reflects “Client requested color for publication …… $100.00 (or whatever fee you decide to charge).

That way if the state Board of Accounts questions the charge, it’ll show that it was the client’s decision.

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