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General Assembly legislative topics to watch in 2015

State Sen. Sue Glick, R-LaGrange, plans to file a bill in the 2015 General Assembly to re-instate the requirement that local government units publish a notice of budget hearing that includes the unit’s proposed budget and estimated tax rate.

H.E.A. 1266 last year placed a sunset on the requirement that local government agencies publish the budget as part of the notice of the budget hearing. There will be no such requirement this fall unless the legislature reverses field during the upcoming session.

The change was championed by the state Department of Local Government Finance. Publication in local newspapers will be replaced by posting on the finance department website.

The Department of Local Government Finance Gateway website last year averaged 2,258 unique visitors a week (based on 29,349 over six months). Divide that by 92 counties and the average is 24.5 per county. And this doesn’t take into account how many of these unique visitors are county officials checking to see if the information posted was correct. Read more »

Congratulations Better Newspaper Contest winners!

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Results of the 2014 HSPA Foundation Better Newspaper Contest were announced Saturday, Dec. 6, in Indianapolis.

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Hoosier Survey results put focus on jobs

The seventh annual Hoosier Survey of public opinion on issues facing the state indicates job creation is a top priority for Indiana residents.

The Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State University partnered again with WISH-TV, Channel 8, Indianapolis, in sponsoring the poll.

The results of this non-partisan survey are delivered to every member of the Indiana General Assembly and top administration officials at the beginning of the calendar year so that lawmakers can gauge public views about issues they are likely to face in the upcoming legislative session.

Complete findings and methodology are available at www.bowencenterforpublicaffairs.org.

Click here to download a PDF document covering the findings.

The survey was conducted for WISH TV/Ball State University by Princeton Survey Research International from October 7-15.

Results are based on 600 completed interviews with 360 landline respondents and 240 cell phone respondents (including 120 adults with no landline phone). The margin of error is ±5.1%. Read more »