Public Notices Promotion Toolkit

Display ads and more remind readers of the importance of public notice advertising in government transparency. Click here for details and downloads

Legal Guide Coming

Hoosier State Press Association is building a guide to public notice advertising for Indiana’s newspapers. The guide will be posted on our website in June and is downloadable for those who want a...

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Purses Teach Target Engagement, Sales Growth

By Pete Van Baalen It isn’t everyday that you get to spend the day at a Hoosier icon’s house. While officially it wasn’t the actual house of Barbara Bradley Baekgaard or Patricia Miller, I did get...

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Homework Assignment: Speak Up

By Steve Key Indiana newspaper executives have an assignment for 2017 – this includes publishers, ad directors and editors. Talk to state legislators about the value of public notice advertising. I...

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Hold Editorials to Highest Standard

By Jim Pumarlo What’s the first word you associate with editorials? Editorials can serve a variety of roles. They educate. They enlighten. They entertain. They challenge your personal beliefs. They...

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Create a Website from Scratch

By Kevin Slimp Two weeks ago, I found myself awake at 3 a.m., unable to get back to sleep. After tossing and turning for more than an hour, I decided I might as well get some work done. Checking my...

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Legislature Lets Citizens Down

By Tim Timmons If you’re a sports fan, you probably saw the clips over the weekend from Indiana Pacers star Paul George and Oklahoma City standout Russell Westbrook. If you are not a sports fan,...

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HSPA Statement on HB 1523 Veto

The Hoosier State Press Association has worked with Speaker of the House Brian Bosma for several years in an attempt to secure electronic copies of public records via email at no copying costs and...

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2017 Best Advertising Contest

Indiana Newspaper Advertising Executives Association & HSPA Foundation Best Advertising Contest Contest Deadline: 5 p.m. EDT Friday, June 16, 2017 Awards Gala: Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017 Annual...

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2017 Public Notice Advertising Workshop

Join the Hoosier State Press Association for the 2017 Public Notice Advertising Workshop. Session and registration information is available below. Sign-up by May 31st! Newspaper * Payment Method *...

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Free Ideas Generate Ad Dollars

One of top reasons I like attending conferences is the opportunity to exchange ideas with my peers. As a sales rep, I managed to earn many Hoosier State Press Association (HSPA) awards by taking...

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