Public Notices Promotion Toolkit

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Close Ad Sales Like a Successful Pitcher

Success on the baseball diamond, relies heavily on pitchers. Starting pitchers set the tone for the team, and can keep the team in the game. The importance of a ‘closer’ on a pitching staff has gained importance. The strong, fast-throwing pitcher comes in at the end and seals the victory for the team. For sales teams, the formula isn’t much different from a baseball team.

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New Beats for Reporters in New Courts

Key_Steve_webThe Indiana Supreme Court has established six pilot Commercial Courts to deal with certain business disputes.

The business writers and court beat reporters will have to determine who’s going to cover these special courts, which have been created in Allen, Elkhart, Floyd, Lake, Marion and Vanderburgh counties.

According to the Supreme Court, the purpose of commercial courts is to Read more »

Prosecutors Clarify Stance on Body Camera Video Release

policecarhc1208_l_300_c_yThe Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council clarified its stance on whether law enforcement agencies should release police body camera video, but the practical impact of the change may be minimal, according to Steve Key, executive director and general counsel for the Hoosier State Press Association. Read more »

The Media’s Responsibility to Our Democracy

Politicians spend a good bit of their time complaining about the media. But why should they have all the fun?

I’m going to join in, though I tend to get upset about different things than most sitting politicians do. You see, I don’t actually mind when journalists — whether in print, on television or online — treat what politicians say with skepticism. That means they’re doing their jobs.

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