Annual Conference

We'll see you at the HSPA & Foundation Annual Conference + golf outing Sept. 25-26 in downtown Indianapolis. CLICK HERE for more information.

Q&A: Announcing meetings

From the News-Times (Hartford City):

Q: I have a question on one governmental body attending another governmental body’s meeting to discuss an issue. The three Blackford County commissioners plan to attend the meeting of the Hartford City Common Council. They will be discussing an issue jointly. The common council meeting is already a regularly scheduled meeting. Does there have to be a separate notice from the commissioners, or does the fact the common council’s meeting is a regularly scheduled meeting offset the necessity of a separate notice? Read more »

Q&A: Reporting rights regarding the police

From the Mount Vernon Democrat:

Q: Do you have any guidelines regarding the rights of reporters in police matters? Our reporters need to fully understand the laws, and I want to be sure the police understand them as well.  Read more »

Q&A: Emergency meeting?

From the Pulaski County Journal (Winamac):

Q: The Pulaski County commissioners plan to hold an “emergency” meeting to discuss the implications of 27 pay periods in 2014. Is this topic eligible for an emergency meeting since it doesn’t involve potential harm to anyone? Read more »

Editor started as paperboy

Michael Webster has been named editor of the Mount Vernon Democrat.

A Mount Vernon native, he started at the Democrat as a 9-year-old paperboy. Most recently, he started working at the newspaper again in December. Read more »