Public Notices Promotion Toolkit

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Q&A: Federal public notice rate

From The Indianapolis Star:

Q: When the federal government needs to place public notice advertising in our newspaper, what rate do we charge them? Do we charge the open rate or the state-mandated, capped rate? Read more »

Your ad sales team should be top priority

By Pete Van Baalen
Fort Wayne Newspapers

It started with a post on Facebook from parody news source The Onion.

The humor was evident in the headline, Report: Majority of Newspapers Now Purchased by Kidnappers to Prove Date.

It was a good-natured poke that has made me laugh for years.

And newspapers weren’t the only media targeted in the post. The Onion said that magazines still have purpose: “Kidnappers still find them useful for making cut-and-paste ransom letters and death threats.” Read more »

Ad blocking subject of complaint

The Newspaper Associ­ation of America filed a complaint and request for investigation on May 26 with the Fed­eral Trade Commis­sion alleging that certain ad blocking technologies and related services violate Section 5 of the FTC Act as unfair and deceptive trade practices.

NAA requests that the FTC investigate ad blockers that offer “paid whitelisting,” substitute ad blockers’ own advertising for blocked ads, claim that subscription services prevent publisher harm, and facilitate the evasion of metered subscription systems. Read more »

Affiliate buys Republic building

The downtown Colum­bus building that has housed Bartholomew County’s daily newspaper for 45 years has a new owner.

Southeastern Indiana Medical Holdings, an affiliate company of Columbus Regional Health, purchased The Republic’s office from Rayanna Corp., a local company established by the Brown-Marshall family of Colum­bus that owned the newspaper for more than 140 years. Read more »