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MAP tries out public notice placement

The Hoosier State Press Association completed a successful project test that could make life easier for private entities that frequently run public notice advertising.

Midwest Adver­tising Placements, HSPA’s advertising arm, placed two public notices for Vectren, the Evansville-based power company. The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission required the notices.

“Newspapers receive the same rate whether MAP or individual entities place the public notices.” – Pamela Lego, HSPA Advertising Director

Vectren, which serves more than 80 Indiana counties, reached out to HSPA about a better way to place public notices. Sharon Katterjohn of Vectren’s Regulatory Affairs division outlined the difficulties of contacting newspapers individually to place ads, obtaining their federal ID numbers for tax purposes, and more. Read more »

Workshop focuses on narrative video advertising

A sweeping revolution in Web video means major opportunities for newspaper sales executives.

Video advertising, once expensive, time-consuming and technically beyond the reach of print professionals, is now as close as an iPad.

Seminar: Native video ads

What: Mobile Money: Narrative Video Ads

When: Thursday, June 26, 2014

Where: Ball State University, Muncie

Registration: Watch for mailed and emailed registration information.

HSPA Foundation and Ball State University are offering a one-day seminar, “Mobile Money: Narrative Video Ads” on June 26 in Muncie. Read more »

Police video claim doesn’t add up

By Steve Key
Hoosier State Press Association

A dispute between Purdue University and school newspaper The Exponent highlights an aspect of the Access to Public Records Act that might need a judicial decision or legislative action to clarify.

The question is whether the public still has a right to inspect and copy public records after law enforcement considers the records evidence in a criminal investigation.

The answer lies with the state’s legislative intent of the term “investigatory record,” defined as “information compiled in the course of the investigation of a crime” at IC 5-14-3-2(h). Police can keep investigatory records confidential if they choose.

The Exponent wants Purdue to release surveillance video of officers confronting a photographer following a fatal shooting on campus in January. The newspaper says the footage would support the photojournalist’s account that he was harassed and manhandled. Read more »

2014 state legislative wrap-up

By Steve Key
Hoosier State Press Association

A recap of HSPA’s work in the 2014 Indiana General Assembly:

Public notice advertising

Only one of six anti-public notice advertising bills was passed by the 2014 General Assembly.

That bill, H.E.A. 1385, authored by Rep. Mike Speedy, R-Indianapolis, and sponsored by Sen. Scott Schneider, R-Indianapolis, will allow storage facilities to forego publication of notice of the sale of abandoned property. They can advertise in any other “commercially reasonable” manner. Read more »