Research offers insight on readers


New research released by the Newspaper Association of America Foundation finds that despite the gap between youth and news providers, clear opportunities exist to engage this increasingly critical audience.

The study, called Common Threads and prepared by the Media Management Center at Northwestern University, examines a decade’s worth of NAA Foundation research that, when laid end-to-end and supplemented by partner studies, gives new insights and fresh approaches for newspapers as they reach out to young audiences and grow readership.

The study recommends that news companies look at future consumers through one of six life-stage lenses: elementary school, middle school, high school, living alone or with roommates, living with spouses or partners and living with children.

The report encourages newspapers seeking to reach young people (ages 5-17) and young adults (ages 18-34) to do the following:

•Choose a high-potential market segment

•Determine relevant life-stage information

•Seek engagement through the right content via the right delivery system

•Get feedback

•Refine content.

The full report is available on