Get new postage statements online


New postage statements associated with the April 17 price change are available to be downloaded at

The “Postage Statements” link can be found under the “Related Links” header near the bottom of the web page.

As of April 17, all postage statement facsimiles dated prior to January 2011 are obsolete. However, postage statement facsimiles dated Jan­­­­uary 2011 and April 2011 may be used to pay the postage prices effective on April 17.

If the January 2011 statement is used, it must reflect the April 17 prices.

For new products implemented April 17 or products subject to any new postage statement fields effective April 17, only the April 2011 postage statement can be used.

Once the date has been determined to make the April 2011 postage statements mandatory for all mailings, the U.S. Postal Service will inform the mailing community.