Members can get free Reuters trial


HSPA member newspapers have access to Reuters’ core text and photo services for a 90-day free trial through an agreement between the press association and wire service.

Newspapers can publish any of the Reuters content in print or online.

Use wire service free for 90 days

What: Free Reuters 90-day trial, including stories and photos

Who: Member papers who participate in the association’s content-sharing service, available at Sign-up is free.

Where: Click on the Reuters tab at or contact the wire service about integrating the trial into your CMS

Cost: Free

Information: Melissa Metzger, or (646) 223-4351

The only stipulation is that papers join HSPA’s free content-sharing service, available at More than 80 HSPA-member papers currently share content through the program.

At, editors can click on the Reuters tab to access wire content.

Papers also can explore with Reuters integrating the trial directly into their content management system.

Steve Key, HSPA executive director and general counsel, said the proposition is win-win.

“Newspapers can sample Reuters content and provide readers with information that they otherwise wouldn’t have,” he said. “Reuters gets to show potential customers its coverage with the hope of creating long-term relationships.

“It’ll be interesting to see what happens at the end of the trial period,” Key said.

The wire service has in­creased its U.S. news and sports coverage, according to Reuters.

Editors with questions about integrating content into a CMS can contact Reuters’ Melissa Metzger at or (646) 223-4351.

For questions about the partnership, contact Key at or (317) 624-4427.

Trial services provided to HSPA members include:

Reuters America Wire provides U.S. newspapers and websites with top international, domestic, regional, political, business and general news. To receive Reuters America news planning schedules by email, contact Metzger at

Reuters America Sports offers custom U.S. sports with text and photos. In partnership with content providers, Reuters delivers breaking news, features and game coverage of the major leagues, college football and basketball and international events. For more information on the custom elements of Reuters America Sports, contact Metzger at

Reuters Enter­tain­ment & Lifestyle Wire offers the latest news and developments in media and entertainment including movies, television, fashion, celebrities, the arts, music and awards show coverage.

Reuters News Pictures Service delivers up to 1,500 images daily, produced by a global staff and stringer network. All images are taken, edited and captioned according to Reuters’ strict editorial principals.

Reuters News Graphics Service includes print-ready and customizable graphics.

Reuters North Amer­ican Business Report is Reuters’ core text business news service with coverage of global business and finance to worldwide media organizations. Filed around the clock from a regional desk in New York, the wire covers economic, corporate and market news.

Companies headquartered in Indiana are covered in a Midwest Regional Report.