AP offers free trial to HSPA weeklies


The Associated Press is offering HSPA-member weekly newspapers free trials of a new AP service for weeklies and their websites.

AP News Choice offers tools to keep weekly papers’ print and online editions up to date with news content tailored to the needs of local readers.

Trial gives options to weekly papers

What: Free trial of AP News Choice for weekly newspapers and their websites

Who: HSPA-member newspapers that publish weekly

Delivery: Through AP Exchange, a password-protected website, or via a feed directly into a newspaper’s computer system.

Cost: Free for trial period

Information: Patrick McDowell, AP’s assistant bureau chief for Indiana, (312) 920-3624 or pmcdowell@ap.org

“HSPA is happy to work with AP to make this program available to weeklies as part of our effort to help newspapers provide valuable content to their communities,” said Steve Key, HSPA executive director and general counsel. 

AP News Choice provides AP content including state news; the top national and international stories of the day; and news channels focused on specific news topics such as agriculture, education, energy, environment, medical, real estate, religion, technology, transportation and travel.

For example, a weekly could choose a mix of state news and two channels, such as agriculture and energy.

The Indiana state news component consists of AP-produced news, sports, and political coverage including the popular Capitol Crossroads weekly analysis of state government issues.

AP News Choice is delivered through AP Exchange – an easy-to-use, password-protected website – or via a feed directly into a newspaper’s computer system.

The AP developed AP News Choice in response to requests from weekly newspapers for more access to real-time content as they increasingly deliver news on their websites.

AP is unmatched in coverage of breaking news in the state, reported and written by knowledgeable Indiana staff, said Patrick McDowell, AP’s assistant bureau chief for Indiana.

“With AP News Choice, a weekly paper can now offer its readers content that no one else provides at a price they can afford,” McDowell said. “They will never lack for the real-time news that their readers increasingly demand and can get the most professional state report on the market – politics, sports, investigations, it’s all there.”

For more information or a free trial, contact McDowell at (312) 920-3624 or pmcdowell@ap.org.