MAP tries out public notice placement


The Hoosier State Press Association completed a successful project test that could make life easier for private entities that frequently run public notice advertising.

Midwest Adver­tising Placements, HSPA’s advertising arm, placed two public notices for Vectren, the Evansville-based power company. The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission required the notices.

“Newspapers receive the same rate whether MAP or individual entities place the public notices.” – Pamela Lego, HSPA Advertising Director

Vectren, which serves more than 80 Indiana counties, reached out to HSPA about a better way to place public notices. Sharon Katterjohn of Vectren’s Regulatory Affairs division outlined the difficulties of contacting newspapers individually to place ads, obtaining their federal ID numbers for tax purposes, and more.

HSPA’s executive director and general counsel Steve Key and advertising director Pam Lego put together a proposal from MAP to place the notices for Vectren for a fee. This is different from MAP’s procedure for companies or ad agencies that place display advertising.

“Most MAP clients have options beyond newspapers, so our display ad placement service is free to encourage their selection of newspapers to distribute their message,” Key said. “Newspapers are the only option for public notice advertising, so a fee is appropriate given the special service MAP provided.”

Lego said MAP can help private entities streamline the public notice advertising process to make placing them less time-consuming for clients.

“MAP also provides our member newspapers with accurate ad copy and complete billing information at the time the public notice is placed,” Lego said. “Newspapers receive the same rate whether MAP or individual entities place the public notices.”

If the service continues to be mutually beneficial for MAP and Vectren, Lego will explore offering the same service to other private parties who frequently place public notice advertising across the state.