Employee remains after 50 years


Ginny Leap recently marked more than 50 years of work for the newspaper in Vevay.

She started June 1, 1964, two days after graduating from high school.

Leap out-lasted many editors and has helped with three office moves. She was around for the newspaper’s first ownership change in 55 years, when Vevay Media Group assumed ownership this year.

When she started working at Vevay News­papers Inc., Leap typed on a teletype machine in the newspaper office. Then the tapes were put in a bag and transported to The Madison Courier, where they were fed into the intertype machine which read the tapes, all part of the process necessary for printing on the letter press used at the time.

Today, Leap types on a computer and electronically transmits the documents, where they’re laid out on a page and electronically sent to The Courier, where the paper is printed on an offset press.

Leap is known for her ability to remember phone numbers in her head. Newspaper staffers often have no need to look up a number.

And if they need an answer to question, she usually knows who a good source would be.

Though she’s not ready to retire, Leap will reduce her hours to four days a week starting this month.

“After 50 years I think I can cut back a little,” she said.

– Vevay Media Group