Help promote public notice advertising


The Hoosier State Press Association Board of Directors has put together a package of materials to promote the value of publication of public notice advertising, or “legals.”

This is part of the effort to increase awareness of the value of these public notices in the face of increasing efforts by bureaucrats and legislators to eliminate the notices or move them to government websites.

The package includes sample print ads, website ads, a banner strip promoting public notices that could run across the bottom of an editorial page, and a sample editorial on the value of public notices.

All components are customizable and include space to fill with newspaper logos.

The HSPA Board asks that you use these materials to promote public notices as space allows, said Brandon Erlacher, chairman of HSPA’s public notice promotional committee.

“The materials can be modified to include your branding through logos or masthead art,” Erlacher said.

Download components at

In addition to this promotional package, HSPA is in the midst of a statewide survey of Hoosier attitudes toward public notice advertising conducted by American Opinion Research.

The results of the 1,000 Hoosier responses will be made available later this year. HSPA plans to use the responses in another promotional campaign and hopefully better educate state legislators on constituents’ support of public notice advertising.

If you have any questions about this effort or the materials, contact HSPA Executive Director and General Counsel Steve Key at or (317) 624-4427.