MAP places $1M in Indiana newspapers so far in 2014


Midwest Advertising Placements, the advertising services division of the Hoosier State Press Association, has surpassed the $1 million mark in advertising distributed to Indiana newspapers in 2014.

This represents placements for 15 clients. The 720 individual ads were sent to 122 newspapers across the state.

The million dollars in advertising placed through the end of August surpasses the total placed for all of 2013 – $746,000.

“MAP’s successes are just a tip of the iceberg as to the work done by Advertising Director Pam Lego and our partners at the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association on behalf of our member newspapers,” said HSPA Executive Director and General Counsel Steve Key.

For every successful ad sale, MAP provides at least four more quotes to other advertisers, Key said.

And Lego serves as the newspaper industry’s cheerleader – making visits and presentations to advertising agencies and other potential clients who would benefit from a presence in newspapers, both print and digital products.

Lego said the $1 million milestone is a conservative number as to MAP’s actual impact for HSPA members.

Newspapers benefit from the press association’s advertising arm in other ways:

• A few press associations get rate information from MAP concerning Indiana newspapers but place the advertising direct per their client’s request.

• Advertising agencies and businesses sometimes get newspaper rates, circulation, geographic coverage and contact information from MAP but choose to place direct with each newspaper to build a local community connection.

“Whether the advertising is placed by MAP or MAP helps facilitate the placement, our goal is to keep newspaper advertising as simple as possible for clients,” Lego said.

MAP makes one of the most challenging aspects of buying advertising – ad placement – easy for any business or agency, Lego said.

“Whether an ad campaign requires coverage from Munster to Vevay or just a few communities in our state, the MAP team works with clients to grow revenue dollars for Indiana newspapers,” she said.

MAP saves the client the burden of contacting multiple newspapers with different deadlines, column widths and pricing – doing that work for them and providing them an easy one-order, one-bill process to encourage their use of newspapers as part of their marketing strategy, Key said.

“While we try to place advertising with every HSPA member, it isn’t always possible while also fulfilling the needs of the client,” Key said. “But we certainly pitch all of our member newspapers with every quote based on the geographic area the client targets.”