Free e-book covers data designs


A free e-book is de­signed to take the mystery out of collecting and using data to tell stories using visual tools and techniques.

“Data + Design: A Simple Introduction to Preparing and Visualizing Information” was conceived as an in-depth beginner’s guide to data visualization by Infoactive CEO Trina Chiasson and Northwestern University Statistical Programmer Dyanna Gregory.

The e-book is avail­able for reading or down­loading at

The new e-book explains data concepts in plain language, Chiasson said, helping readers learn how to collect, prepare and visualize data through examples that they can relate to, understand, identify with and remember.

“Most books about data were written by technical authors but never edited for non-technical readers,” Chiasson said. “Learning about data should be friendly, accessible and even fun for those who don’t identify as math geeks.”

It is also an open-source project that is available on