Members offered marketing tool kits


HSPA offers a new section on its website devoted to helping member newspapers market themselves and their products.

The section, under the Marketing Newspapers tab, provides members with tools to assist in marketing, sales, readership and more. The tab will be updated with new features throughout the year.

Materials include special section toolkits for advertising staffs, a political advertising packet and other items that can be easily customized with newspapers’ logos, ad deadlines, printing dates and more.

HSPA offers the materials in cooperation with the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association, said Pamela Lego, director of Midwest Advertising Placements, HSPA’s advertising arm.

“For too long, other media sources have been heralding the decline of newspapers, but nothing could be further from the truth,” Lego said. “These tools will help remind our readers and clients that Indiana’s print and online newspapers have survived the economic downturn, and many are thriving with new innovation, an engaged audience, and increased readership.”

The materials are designed to help HSPA members continue to push forward in revenue development in 2015, Lego said.

The special section toolkits will help newspapers generate more revenue and assist staff with quick turnaround to promote the section, she said. Everything is included to help you launch a section quickly – cover artwork, sales flyers, prospect lists, editorial ideas and more.

“Use all of the toolkit or simply choose the materials that compliment what you already are using,” Lego said.

Current special section toolkits include Bridal, Financial Planning and Home Improvement.

Each one includes editable materials for special sections such as:

• Front page cover

• Leave-behind sales flyer

• Advertising sales tracking chart

• Prospective advertisers list

• Editorial content ideas.

Research continues to show that consumers rely heavily on newspaper media for their news and advertising information, said Steve Key, HSPA executive director and general counsel.

HSPA has made it easy for newspapers to start sharing these valuable facts and statistics by creating a series of customizable marketing sheets, also available on the Marketing Newspapers link, he said.

“Browse through our promotional materials or utilize the impressive data from our just-released American Opinion Research readership survey to gain important facts about Indiana print and digital readers,” he said.

Member newspapers can customize a series of PowerPoint slides covering the survey results.

Throughout 2015 HSPA will continue to add more special sections, marketing sheets and other tools to help newspapers grow revenue, so check back often.