Sales Training for HSPA Members


turntable-1087791_640Would you invest $5 per month for sales training for your ad staff or any staff members involved in selling subscriptions, ads or printing? Would you invest that if the sales reps didn’t have to leave their desks and only had to access an email sent directly to them once each week? No travel, no time out of the office. Just open an email once each week and listen to approximately two and a half minutes of sales training.

The Hoosier State Press Association is partnering with Walt Slaughter Associates of Nashville to bring this service to your staff. Two and a half minutes, once a week, for a year. All for $60 per year/$5 per month–for the whole staff.

Don’t let the title, “SalesRadio,” mislead you–it’s not about radio at all but is named so because it is sent through email, directly to your sales rep(s), and is all audio.

Recognized as a top-tier trainer, Walt Slaughter is a frequent presenter at association and corporate events throughout North America. He has commanded the lecture hall at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of

Management, and has taken his training to three European counties and India.
Prior to launching his consulting practice in 1980, Walt served on the corporate staffs of Motorola, Inc. and FedEx. United Way of America appointed him to its National Communications Advisory Committee.

Here’s what you get for $60 per year per newspaper:
•Specialized topics in bite-sized, two and a half minute A/V clips
• Weekly training to your sales staff delivered via email
• No downtime, travel or lodging required
• A single subject, nuts-and-bolts selling skill
• Time-Spaced, continuing education for your people

Walt values your input and would be glad to put your selling skills needs into one of the programs.

If you are interested, send HSPA Office Manager Yvonne Yeadon an email at with the names and email addresses of each staff member you want to receive the SalesRadio connection. HSPA will bill you, and each week’s training will be sent on Tuesday.