Statewide Civic Education Partnership Explored


TitleThe Hoosier State Press Association Foundation’s Board of Directors and the Indiana Bar Foundation are exploring the launch of a civic education project. The initiative would include an intermittent series of articles written by lawyers, judges, and academics would educationally explain how Indiana works.

The articles would be syndicated statewide through papers as op-ed pieces. Hoosier State Press Association members would have the option of running some, all or none of the submitted articles, which will be distributed via email to member newspapers by HSPA Foundation.

Articles available prior to November could include topics such as, The Power of the Ballot Box, Why the Founding Fathers Created the Electoral College, and How We Ended up With a Two-Party System.
As the convening of the general assembly approaches, the pieces may address the role of the legislature, executive branch, and judiciary, as well as the balance between the three branches of government.

“This project really evens the playing field for Hoosiers across Indiana,” remarked Steve Key, executive director and deneral counsel of the Hoosier State Press Association.

“With access to information like this, every citizen at every level can get involved in government.”

In 2017, content may potentially cover the tension between state and federal jurisdictions in law-making, the media’s role as our democracy’s watchdog, individual rights versus the common good, how the Northwest Ordinance shaped Indiana, and how criminal trials and civil lawsuits operate.

If you have ideas on topics or distribution, please email