2017 Reporter’s Workshop – Everything About Covering a Beat

If you are like most reporters, you don’t have just one beat; you have many. You’re writing about education, county and city government, cops, courts and lots of other topics.


Besides getting your stories in print, you are tweeting, taking video and photos and offering up news on an array of social media platforms.


Come learn how to juggle it all from reporters who have been in the beat trenches.


They’ll talk about getting stories beyond the meeting, finding real people to make your stories come alive, learning the jargon so you can translate it for readers, going beyond the meeting story and diving for documents that can give your stories punch.


The 2017 APME Reporter’s Workshop features:


– Eric Weddle of WFYI Public Media. The education beat.


Alison Carter of Indy Star. How to work in social media with your daily beat reporting and what type of posts have the most impact and add to and enhance reporting and storytelling for readers.


Bill Powell of The Herald and sheriff’s deputy. The police beat and beyond. How to work it. How to go beyond the police new releases.


Steve Key of HSPA.  Open door issues involving daily beat reporting. Question and answer.
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Everything About Covering a Beat

When: 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. EDT Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Where: University of Indiana, 8278 N. Georgetown Road, Indianapolis (not the downtown Indy office)

Information: sgoldsby@hspa.com or (317) 803-4772

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