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Side Effects public health news service – an initiative of WFYI Public Media – is now offering reporting for republication at no charge to Indiana newspapers through an agreement with the Hoosier State Press Association.

In a recent issue of the Indiana Publisher, HSPA announced the collaboration with WFYI to support Side Effects. HSPA’s board of directors approved this effort as an additional service to its members. Health care touches every Hoosier, so quality coverage will allow you to provide timely, important information to your readers while allowing your staff to cover other important community topics. To view what is available, go to Side Effects Public Media. The homepage features an array of news: health-related coverage of general interest, coverage of topics specific to the Midwest, and reports focusing on the state of Indiana’s health. Stories are organized under tabs. News outlets can republish in print or on their websites any original reporting produced by Side Effects reporters. Stories originating elsewhere (such as Kaiser Health News or NPR) cannot be republished from the SE site.

For convenience, original reporting is grouped under the tab labeled Side Effects News Service. The green “Republish This Story” button opens an instruction page detailing use and credit requirements for text, infographics and photographs. Online editors who prefer to recreate a story in their own content management systems may do so is they include the tracking tag at the very bottom of the republish page. Side Effects provides upon request a document in editable form for print reproduction. One way to stay on top of new story postings is to sign up for email notifications, which will alert you to current news. In the organization field, please include “HSPA” after the company name so we can track interest in the news service and provide feedback to Side Effects’ management.

To ensure that the news service is responsive to your newsroom needs, newspaper editors are also asked to complete a quick survey. Here’s the link if you haven’t already completed the survey:

If you have any questions about Side Effects or this content sharing opportunity, you can contact either Steve Key, executive director and general counsel for HSPA at or Deborah Jones, distribution manager at